Our Constitution

The Association shall be called DeCAPH and represent, through elected members from Improvement Partnerships / Learning Communities, all primary schools in the Authority. It is independent of political and trade union affiliation.



1.         To provide a strategic, supportive and sustainable framework for the development of Senior Leaders in Cheshire East

2.         To ensure the drive for high quality vision and leadership in education in Cheshire East at both strategic and operational level.

3.         To ensure a supportive communication network for Senior Leaders that will encourage working in partnership to sustain and enhance the quality of primary education for children, staff and the wider community.

4.         To provide a forum for debate and the exchange of ideas, for mutual support and collective influence.

5.         To meet with members of the Local Authority to discuss, as practitioners, the implication to schools of implementing changes in policy.



The Association is organised in the following way:

  • The Committee Committee consists of a Chair and one elected representative from each of the Education Improvement Partnerships / Learning Communities.
  • If a representative fails to attend three meetings and has not had apologies accepted or sent a substitute from their group then they may be removed from the Committee Committee.
  • Where an EIP / Learning Community is unable to replace an committee member internally, the committee reserve the right to ensure that each locality is represented.


The officers of the committee are:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-Chair
  • Minute Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Website Facilitator
  • One representative from each EIP location in Cheshire East.

The committee may co-opt colleagues whose expertise is essential to current issues. If a Committee member leaves the group they are responsible for finding a replacement to represent the EIP area they are leaving.


Role of the Chair:

  • Represent the collective views of the Cheshire East primary schools locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Organise regular committee meetings.
  • Organise opportunities for professional development throughout the academic year.
  • Be a point of contact for Senior Leaders in Cheshire East.
  • Support and develop links with eCAPH.



Role of the Vice-Chair:

  • Support the Chair in the delivery of the responsibilities given above.
  • Deputise, as needed, for the Chair.


Role of the Treasurer and Account Holding School:

  • Maintain accurate accounts for DeCAPH.To deputise, as needed, for the Chair.
  • Ensure an audit is carried out prior to the annual AGM.
  • Liaise with the LA to ensure accurate balances are identified.
  • Issue payments for appropriate DeCAPH expenses.
  • Provide regular updates re: finance to the Committee Committee.


Role of the Minute Secretary:

  • Take accurate minutes at each meeting and to distribute minutes within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Check that actions from previous meetings have been completed.
  • Keep the Committee Contact List up-to-date.


Role of the Website Facilitator:

  • Maintain the www.decaph.co.uk website, including ensuring that payments for the site are up-to-date, in liaison with the Treasurer.
  • Update the DeCAPH social network sites regularly.


Role of the Committee Members (in addition to the role of Chair):

  • Take a pro-active stance on primary education issues and to prioritise debate on primary issues.
  • To raise issues with the LA.
  • To respond to initiatives raised by the LA.
  • To co-ordinate DeCAPH proposals and policy decision.
  • To meet regularly with the DeCAPH committee.
  • To work in collaboration with LA in the formation of policy.
  • To disseminate the work of DeCAPH at a local level.


Finances of DeCAPH

  • An annual subscription, at an agreed level, is requested from all primary schools to maintain the work of the Association.
  • Subscriptions will be collected annually via LA officers direct from budgets.
  • The financial year of the Association shall be concurrent with the academic year.
  • An annual audited statement of accounts shall be presented to the AGM meeting.
  • Travel and Supply cost expenses, at the current Borough rate, can be claimed from the Treasurer for attendance at committee meetings and other DECAPH Committee business agreed by the group.


Training for Senior Leaders

  • Organise termly conferences, open to all primary Senior Leaders and LA representatives.
  • Plan additional training opportunities for primary Senior Leaders where appropriate.

Please click here to download a PDF version.

Cluster Groups for Senior Leaders

  • DeCAPH will support the formation and nurture of cluster groups for Senior Leaders in each EIP in the authority.

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