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Summer 2014

mick waters

Mick Waters

Professor Mick Waters works with the schools in the Black Country Challenge in raising standards in the West Midlands. He works with schools in other parts of the country on innovative approaches to learning and on several other initiatives to push the boundaries for making learning better.

Mick is an Honorary Fellow of the College of Teachers. He is a patron of Heads, Teachers and Industry (HTI), which seeks ways to build reciprocal understanding between sectors, and a Trustee of the Children’s University which offers a range of learning opportunities beyond the school environment. He is chair of Curriculum Enrichment for a Common Era, an organisation which promotes multicultural understanding through learning. Mick is also a patron of the Values Trust which endeavours to promote values driven approaches to learning. He is also the inaugural president of the Curriculum Foundation, which seeks to promote a voice for the power and potential of the whole curriculum.

andy hodgkinson

Andy Hodgkinson

Dr Andy Hodgkinson is an executive head teacher of the Federation of St Pott Shrigley & Bollington John’s CofE Primary schools. He co-authored the SUMO4Schools Primary Programme and is involved in delivering training and inset for school leaders around the country. Prior to working in primary schools he lectured in ethics at undergraduate level with a focus on postmodern ethics. He is interested in collaboration, new models of school leadership, curriculum design and staff development.


Spring 2014

lindy barclay

Lindy Barclay

Lindy is a former Associate Headteacher and recently presided over the school’s fourth consecutive ‘outstanding’ grade from Ofsted. She has had 32 years’ experience in the teaching profession and is a highly regarded speaker and presenter. She has worked for various training organisations, including the National College and The Schools Network. She writes for the TES and other education journals.


Autumn 2013

Chris Quigley

Chris is best known for his work in curriculum development. He is a writer and speaker with a vast range of primary school experience. He has been a Head Teacher, a lead inspector and a trainer of inspectors. Chris now leads his own team of speakers who deliver his easily accessible materials to schools worldwide. He also runs a highly successful publishing company, providing resources for schools.


Summer 2013

Andree Coleman

Andree is an experienced Ofsted inspector and educational consultant.

Darrell Woodman

For over 12 years, Darrell spent time (and blood, sweat and tears) helping develop talent in the media industry. Instilling positivity, confidence and belief has been a major factor in his coaching of people and teams from radio stations in Sheffield, Hull and Wolverhampton (he likes the glamorous locations). He has many proud moments in his career, but none more so than seeing individuals achieving and feeling greatness – greatness which has been recognised by numerous prestigious radio awards. Darrell is married with two wonderful boys and his lifetime goal (apart from being the best dad on the planet) is to inspire millions of young people across the world. When he started in the radio industry his mentor told him “Developing radio talent can be tough, but as long as you remember that they are essentially insecure children it will help!” It’s funny how life comes full circle. Darrell now spearheads the delivery of ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ in schools so is nurturing positivity in 10 year olds as opposed to those who act like 10 year olds! Darrell also delivers corporate keynotes and workshops based around the themes of positivity, happiness, wellbeing and flourishing. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as our core values of simplicity, energy and fun.


Autumn 2012

Simon Cooper-Hind

Simon has been in education for over 25 years, 18 of which have been in senior leadership. As an inspirational Head teacher transforming two under performing schools into highly effective learning communities. Simon’s clear vision, and his ability to inspire an appreciation of what really matters,is equally effective at challenging Senior Leadership Teams , developing creativity and learning,incorporating assessment 4 learning to maximize potential, or working directly with students in“show and tell” events. Simon brings the theory of education into practice in a way which is effective, different, and fun.

Andy Cope

Andy Cope describes himself as a “professional trainer, qualified teacher, author and learning junkie”. He is currently doing a Doctorate at the University of Loughborough… investigating the science of happiness and positivity. He founded ‘Art of Brilliance’ in 2004. His aim, to blaze a new trail – one that was non-academic, totally rooted in the real world and that would make a massive and immediate impact on individuals and organisations. The business is growing rapidly and Andy has chosen to work with a small group of like-minded trainers, specifically chosen because of their desire to make a difference. Andy has a passion for motivation and positive psychology and is trying to influence people to think differently. He has delivered ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ to rave reviews in businesses and schools throughout the UK, Middle East and Southern Africa. “The focus is on translating some of the highbrow academia into clear, simple messages that everyone can take on board.”

Andy Whittaker

Andy has been described as the best thing to come out of Morecambe since the M6 motorway. He is Lancashire’s answer to Anthony Robbins (great big fella from America who does an amazing job of motivating people and walks on fire). Andy is also a very nice bloke. Andy is firmly rooted in the real world. He can talk in big words but prefers not to, instead focusing on bringing his life experiences into play, connecting with people from all walks of life. He has spent time observing behaviour in companies big and small. More importantly, he has spent his time learning about leadership, communication, human interaction and positive psychology. Andy is a certified trainer in the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a master of Time Line Therapy and a qualified hypnotist. Andy has a passion for learning. He is an advocate of the principles of accelerated learning and uses the techniques to bring training to life. He is firmly rooted at the modern end of the personal development spectrum and has trained in businesses throughout the UK and South Africa.


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